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Discover the joy of music from home. Maestro Music lessons is now offering private lessons via Skype and Zoom. Taught by some of the best instructors in the country.

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Online Music Lessons 

 All Ages & Levels

Our mission is to inspire a life-long passion for music for students of all ages in a learning environment that's both fun, and professional. Our teachers are nothing short of committed to making sure you achieve your personal musical goals. Through our extensive list of instruments taught you will find programs - such as online piano lessons, online guitar lessons, online voice lessons, online ukulele lessons, and online bass lessons.

Why Choose Online?

You Live In The Big City

Online lessons free up valuable time during the day. No more dealing with rush hour traffic to get to your lesson. Maestro Music Lessons allows you to take your lesson from anywhere removing scheduling around commutes.

You Live In The Country

Online lessons are a great option if you live in the country. The nearest in-person teacher or music school may be far away. With Maestro Music Lessons you can eliminate driving far distances by taking lessons from your living room!

You're Busy

Maybe you are a busy person. A professional, a working parent, a homemaker. Whatever it may be, we work with YOUR schedule. No more waiting at the music school for 30 minutes while your child has a lesson, just turn on the computer and carry on with your day. 

Why Choose Maestro?

Extensive Music Education Programs

Our unique approach to music education makes us a valuable asset to your musical journey. During the trial lesson we find out what your musical goals are, and then use that to create a personalized lesson path that helps inspire a life long passion for music. This approach will work for online piano lessons, online guitar lessons, online voice lessons, online ukulele lessons, and online bass lessons.

Qualified Teachers

Unlike other teacher-contracted educational platforms, Maestro Music Lessons instructors are rigorously interviewed, thoroughly vetted and background checked.

We exclusively contract teachers that have at least an undergraduate degree in music, though many of our teachers have Doctorates in Musical Arts, Performance, and Education. Additionally, our professional music teachers must be able to demonstrate superior teaching skills that are tested through mock lesson interviews. 

Maestro Is Fun!

Our approach goes beyond traditional music lesson environments. It is all too common for students to abandon musical arts all together after experiencing overly demanding, harsh, or rigid structure in lessons. We believe in stoking the flame of artistic expression, rather than smoldering it. 

Trusted Vendor!

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Affordable Lessons

30 minutes - 25
45 minutes - 40
60 minutes - 50

Our rates are much cheaper than traditional music academies, making us a great option. Many schools start at $45-$60 per lesson. If you are wondering why we can be so much more affordable, it's due to not needing a physical location. By choosing Maestro you will save time and money! 

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What Do Lessons Look Like?

Founder Noah Tretter giving a Ukulele lesson in July 2020


What can I expect from an online lesson? 

While in many ways your online private lesson will be the same as a traditional in-person lesson, there are many advantages to taking lessons online. We will prepare a unique lesson plan that incorporates music technology and online platforms. We will demonstrate new techniques and help you learn new pieces. We will be able to observe your practice technique during lessons and we will be able to fix any potential problems hindering your progress. This can dramatically increase your at home practice habits and fast track your progress as a musician. 

What is the cost? 

The price starts at $25 per half hour lesson! 

What is the difference between online lessons with a live instructor  and other forms on learning such as Youtube videos? 

The advantage of working with a live instructor is that you get feedback about what you can do to improve faster. All in real time. Your lessons will be personal, and tailored to your individual learning style. We do not believe in cookie cutter curriculum that is taught in most academies. The music you learn is also selected specifically for you! After over 20 years of cumulative teaching experience we have created a teaching style that is unlike any other. 

How do online lessons work? 

Once you book your lesson slot, you will receive an email from the administrator with a link to your instructors Skype or Zoom ID. 

Do I need to be present during my child's private lesson? 

Just like with regular in-person lessons, parents are always welcome to sit in on lessons!