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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Lessons Work?

To get started, sign up for a 7 day trial period. Once you are signed up we will match you with the appropriate instructor. From there they will reach out to you with times for scheduling and links for the virtual meeting.

Can Parents Sit In On Lessons?

Of course! Especially with young students, having parents present for lessons can be super helpful. You’re always welcome to record lessons, too, so your child can revisit them while they’re practicing throughout the week. 

What Instruments Are Taught?

Currently, we offer piano, voice, guitar, bass, percussion, and ukulele lessons. We are always expanding our instrument offerings, though, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you don’t see your child’s instrument listed!

How Should We Prepare For The First Lesson?

  1. If you can, go ahead and get their instrument (and if you want our recommendations for brands, please let us know). If you already have an instrument, you may want to ensure it’s in good working condition and tune it. 

  2. Find a quiet space away from distractions to video-conference from

How Do We Get Started?

That’s easy! Head to the Trial Lesson page and pick a time that works best for you. That's it!

How Much Are Lessons?

Subscription details are on the Plans & Pricing page

What If We’d Prefer A Different Teacher Than The One Assigned To Us?

If a teacher is not the best fit for you and/or your child, that’s okay! Just let us know at, and we’ll find someone else who’s better-suited for your needs.

Can We Use A Small Screen (E.g. Tablet Or Phone) For The Lesson?

Yes! Many of our students use smaller screen sizes for their lessons, however we do recommend using a larger screen if you have one available.

How Many Lessons Should My Child Take Per Week?

We recommend starting with one lesson per week. However, 2 or more 30 minute lessons per week will allow for faster progression with more teacher oversight. If your child thrives with more accountability, or they’re otherwise finding it challenging to stay on top of practicing, meeting multiple times per week can provide more structure and some helpful guidance to stay motivated!

How Good Does Our Internet Connection Have To Be?

We recommend having download speeds of at least 3Mbps which most internet providers provide. If you have satellite internet (with the exception of StarLink), you may experience a lag or lower video quality. Your child’s free trial lesson is a great opportunity to assess whether your internet is capable of handling high-quality video-conferencing.

Is The First Lesson Free?

Yes, the first lesson is totally free! It’s a great opportunity to get introduced to your child’s teacher, and ensure you have sufficient internet connection. During the trial lesson, instructors will assess your child’s skill level and interests, and then jump right into some exercises and assign practice material for the next lesson.

Will We Need To Purchase Books?

Nope, we give every student a $30 per year stipend to spend on books. Your teacher will tell us which book/pieces to buy and we will deliver to you as a PDF so that you can have it at home. 

Do We Have To Attend Lessons Each Week?

We find that our students retain the most information and stay the most motivated when they’re attending lessons each week. For this reason, we generally do not teach bi-weekly or monthly lessons. However, if you have a limited budget we are willing to work with you!

Can We Split The Lesson Time Between Multiple Kids?

Our 60-minute lessons can be split between two children, so each child has 30 minutes of dedicated one-on-one education. Unfortunately, we are not offering simultaneous group lessons at this time.

Do You Take Time Off For Major Holidays?

Most of our teachers take time off for federal holidays, but some may offer lessons on these dates.

If you plan on taking off more than two weeks in a given month let us know the month prior and we will pro-rate that month. 

What’s Your Cancellation Policy?

If you no-show or cancel with less than 48 hours of notice then you will lose that lesson credit. If you provide sufficient notice you may reschedule with your instructor either for later in the week or have a double lesson the following week. 

Lessons will not be rolled over into the next month. 

Are Lessons Year-Round?

Yes! We offer lessons all summer, fall, winter, and spring. Some of our teachers choose not to teach on major holidays, while others will offer lessons on holidays. If you want lessons on a holiday that your teacher is not available for, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you with a substitute teacher. 


Please give us notice ahead of time if you plan to take time off for fall, winter, spring, or summer break.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Cancel Lessons For School Breaks?

We need a months notice for extended time off or your card will continue to be billed. 

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