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Camille Hatton

Instructor of: Piano & Percussion

Camille Hatton joined the Maestro Music Lessons team in August 2022. This awesome crew has connected her with musicians and families throughout the country. Students can expect to develop a strong sense of ownership of their music and musical education whether through piano, percussion, voice, or music theory lessons with Camille. Students work through some method books and learn to develop skills to express the music the student wants to learn (classical, jazz, pop, etc) within the bounds of the instruments’ capabilities. 

Over the past decade, Camille has honed in on her skills as a music educator by working for Cabrillo Community College, Gavilan Community College, Hartnell Community College, All Saints’ Day School, York School, Salinas Christian School, Salinas Pacific Coast Christian Academy, Music for Minors, Yosal, Santa Cruz El Sistema, and the Santa Cruz Children’s School. Additionally, Camille has worked with many private students over the years from all over the world. 


Currently, Camille is pursuing a PhD in Music through the Univesity of Auckland in order to study Universal Design for Learning in music. She uses a variety of techniques and student-centered pedagogical approaches in order to prioritze each student’s autonomy and personal progress.

Camille teaching at Cabrillo.jpeg

B.A. Music - UC Santa Cruz 

M.A. Conducting - UC Santa Cruz

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