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Travis Vega

Instructor of: Guitar, Ukulele and Bass Guitar

Travis Vega: B.M. Jazz Studies 


Passion deeply rooted in life’s earliest memories of music filled the warmth of
Travis’s childhood. His curiosity with musical expression led him down a
tight-roped balance of sneaking his brother’s guitar, sparking a musical
conversation that continues to this day....


While in possession of the guitar, Travis quieted the thoughts of his
consequences, while peaking his curiosity one string one strum at a time.
Consequences turned to ownership of his brother’s guitar, as his brother willfully
gave him what surely Travis thought would be the opposite. As time passed,
Travis’s time and exposure to musical stylings of R&B, Rock, Punk and
Contemporary Pop led him down a path of pure instrumental music known as
Jazz and its many inroads.


The level of love brought Travis to the understanding that formal training was
needed to further this desire to play, perform and compose in this idiom. After
high school Travis quickly enrolled into Musicians Institute, in Hollywood Ca.
Where he would only later come to understand that learning was a lifelong
endeavor. Upon graduating, Travis spent two years working on his debut project.
Bursting on the jazz scene with 2004 debut CD, “Through The Valley”, Travis quickly became a delightful attraction for jazz enthusiasts in and around Northern
Central California. Reminiscent sounds and fluid agility of some of Travis’s
influences such as George Benson, Wes Montgomery and Carlos Santana. Four
more releases ensued, 2007’s “Just Let It Flow”, 2008’s “Smooth Urban Night”, 2010’s“U” and 2019’s “A Call To Harvest”.


In Between releases, Travis found time to compose musical cues for television
networks such as, TLC, Comedy Central, NatGeo and many others. Learning and
growing musically inspired Travis to extend his experience and knowledge. 2011
began a new direction for Travis, this direction found him instructing guitarists of
all backgrounds and age at Hutchins Street Square in Lodi, Ca.


Travis’s passion for music and for the guitar now reaches aspiring guitarists and
musicians. Travis extends his method of applied guitar theory and applied music
theory, from a working musicians mindset. Travis continues his robust
performance schedule of 3-4 hours solo guitar performances, applying his
teaching method and testing its medal with every engagement.

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