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Noah Tretter

Founder + Administrator

A.A. Digital Audio - Santa Rosa Junior College

B.S. Music - University of Oregon



The study of music is a journey that explores all things that inspire the creation of sound. The ultimate goal of music instruction is for the student to take concepts such as music theory, music history, emotional capacity and apply them to your life and interests thus creating a very personal experience with music. A musical life is a happy life!



Noah's professional experience began when he was accepted into the jazz program at Sonoma State University to study under Randy Vincent and Will Johnson (Composition). From there Noah began his A.A. at the same time in Digital Audio which opened up working in commercial recording studios in the surrounding San Francisco area. After several years of cutting his teeth in the bay Noah decided to head to the University of Oregon to study classical guitar. Upon arriving Noah successfully auditioned for the 234th Army band and now serves as a guitarist playing for diplomats, generals, and cultural events. 

After college Noah created two music studios. The first one is TretterStudios which is his private teaching studio where he has over 40+ students at any given time. 

The second studio is the one you're looking at; Maestro Music Lessons Online. Noah created this as a response to working with homeschool charter schools in Central Oregon and realizing that many kids in the homeschooling world lack accessibility to high quality music lessons. As a professional musician Noah understands how important it is to have a quality mentor and instructor if you wish to become a musician in any regard. 

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