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Voice Lessons For Beginners - Posture

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

In this article we will be talking about…. Posture! Yay! What does this have to do with singing? Well in short; Literally everything. Without proper posture you are unable to use your voice to its fullest potential. So in short, we have to talk about it! Or else how will you ever learn how to sing? Disaster!

How does a teacher help with this?

When you are training to become a vocalist you are training to use your body as an instrument. Which is what makes voice lessons so incredibly unique. It’s not like Guitar or Piano where there is an external instrument, the instrument is you.

We are not all acutely aware of all the little movements and fine motor skills needed to make this happen. Therefore it can really help to have an expert guide you as you work through these skills. In short teachers help you use your body as an instrument. How cool??

Back to posture!

Try jumping.

What happens when you jump?

I mostly notice the knees. They have a little bit of bend which is what we want when we sing. We want to be in an active stance. Ready to sing! It’s how we turn the instrument on.

Side note, you don’t wanna be the person that passes out when they sing! It happens! Don’t lock your knees!

What about the feet?

They should fall in line with your shoulders! This helps with balance. Like Morgan states in the video you do not want to be doing the split (even though it’s cool) you want to stay balanced, engaged and ready to go.

Feet are in place, knees are unlocked, now for the shoulders.

-Roll them back. Imagine that there is a shoulder on your back and your shoulder blades are pinching together.

This all opens up the physical instrument and allows you to sing to your fullest potential!


There you have it. Thanks to Morgan for showing us why posture is so important to our vocal education!

This is all info you can go over during online lessons! Whether you are looking for online lessons for adults, or online lessons for kids, this is the place.

If you are interested please visit:

Or send us an email!

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