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Voice Lessons For Beginners - Breathing

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

In this article we have a new tip for all you aspiring vocalists out there.

Tip #1 Breathe! That’s really it. So when starting to learn how to sing, this becomes an incredibly important topic of discussion. We all know how to breathe, but how do we breathe to sing?

Keep reading/watching to find out. Morgan does a fantastic job at explaining what the big deal is!

Breath Control

Breathing - We do it all the time, and we are never really aware of it. The reason why is because breathing is an involuntary movement, meaning our brain just does it automatically. So by controlling this in a musical form we get what’s called; Breath control. Breath control is where the magic happens!

What does breathing have to do with singing?

The reason we even talk about breathing is because singing is just putting pitch to sound!

Sing from your diaphragm

When it comes to singing we have to use our diaphragm! Which is the most effective tool for aspiring vocalists. In short we sing from our belly and no t from your shoulders, hips, or chest. This is where we really begin to maximize how long we can hold a note, sing a phrase etc.

Morgan's birthday candle example is a fantastic demonstration of understanding using your diaphragm. Go ahead and give it a try!

Interested in working with us?

If you are interested in furthering your musical education please send us an email and we will give you your first lesson FREE!

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