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Pros & Cons of Online Piano Lessons (Are Online Music Lessons Worth it?!)

 In this article, we’ll look at the many benefits of taking online music lessons on the piano. We’ll also discuss some of the drawbacks and ways to work around them. 

As a whole, we think you’ll find that online lessons are a good fit for the vast majority of students. 

Pro: Convenient Scheduling & the Comfort of Home

  • No more waiting in line for lessons

  • The ability for parents and guardians to work at home

  • Stress-free lessons for introverted students

  • Allows for a more relaxed experience overall

At some schools, supplementary music teachers can come during recess or lunchtime to give a half-hour lesson. In online music lessons, that’s not an option, however, what online piano lessons do allow for is convenient scheduling.  If you’re a homeschool parent, you may be wondering how to get access to top-notch instructors without having to sit in a waiting room at a music school across town.

Online piano lessons allow you to listen in on your student’s lesson without having to leave the home. This allows students and parents to have a comfortable musical learning experience. I always noticed how at ease my introverted students were during piano lessons when I came to them in house-call style lessons. Now, that relaxing experience can also happen online at your convenience. 

Pro: Access to Vetted and Versatile Instructors

  • Ability to find teachers that are qualified 

  • Students can be matched with an instructor for a specific genre 

If you want access to high-quality instructors from across the country- or even the world, then virtual lessons are a great choice. Online lessons with a teacher you want to study with are far better than lessons with a teacher in person who you aren’t so sure about (or even worse, one who is under-qualified).

I remember one time when I wanted to take composition lessons in college- and my professor refused to teach me pop and jazz composition (after I already had spent my last college credit hour signing up for his class!). It was a major disappointment that I couldn’t get instruction in the genres I was interested in, and I wished I had looked for someone online in that niche first.  

Pro: Online Music Lessons Save Money

  • More on-time lessons

  • Lowered instructor costs mean lower-priced lessons

  • Free trial lessons

No more late lessons because your instructor (or you) got caught in city traffic. Online music lessons help save you and your instructor valuable time and energy. 

Have you ever noticed that house-call lessons cost more than online lessons? 

This is because instructors have to factor in commute time, mileage, and gas into the lesson. A big pro of online lessons is that you, as the student's parent, will save a bit of money doing online lessons. 

Many online instructors offer a free trial lesson, too, which is something you don’t typically see in person.

Money Back For Cancellations

Many instructors who work for themselves have strict policies when it comes to cancellations. Typically, cancellations for those with sole proprietorships aren’t refundable at all. But if you stick to an online music company, unused funds will come back in a refund if given a 24-hour notice. You can also reschedule a lesson online, with no hassle of calling. At least- that’s how it works with us!

Pro: Standardized Curriculum and Support

  • Online music schools have a consistent program of studies

  • Extra content like masterclasses and online student recitals

  • Easy to switch teachers

There’s this saying by Radiohead- ‘anyone can play the guitar’. Sometimes it feels like this with piano too. That is to say that there are a lot of unqualified music teachers going around and doing house calls. 

The good thing about online music lessons like those provided by Maestro Music is that online teachers are interviewed and vetted, and there is a standardized curriculum all the piano instructors use.

Our online music lessons also came with monthly masterclasses and an exclusive Facebook group for extra support. 

Switching Instructors

Doing a few lessons in person and deciding they aren’t right for you can result in an awkward scenario. With online lessons, in order to switch teachers, all you need to do is send a quick email. 

Con: Instructor Presence, Performing Duets

  • Duets may not always be possible

  • No instructor proximity

  • Inability to adjust students in person

Duet mode is a popular digital piano feature that allows a student and teacher to play in the same range sitting next to one another. One con to online music lessons that are commonly brought up is that you can’t play next to one another… In fact, this is the biggest con of online lessons- not being able to physically to next to the student. 

But as long as your internet connection is quick, the good news is that we online piano teachers can sometimes still play duets with our online students. 

When I was getting my degree in instrumental music education, we learned about a method of classroom management called proximity. That is- students are more likely to be attentive if we are a close distance from them.

Students with ADHD and who are neurodivergent tend to benefit from having close proximity to their teachers. However, I have taught many online students who I thought would get off-task if I wasn’t in the room…and I ended up being completely wrong! You never know until you try it. 

Adjusting Student's Hand Position 

Some music instructors prefer to be hands-on and help their students by modeling proper hand position, and then gently touching the student's wrists in order to solidify the setup. However, this is one thing you can’t do online! 

As an online piano and flute teacher, I find that using descriptive language and modeling/mirroring can make up for many of these issues that may come up in a virtual lesson. 

Pro: Parental Guidance 

If you’re concerned about presence and proximity, as a parent or guardian, you can sit in the room and help monitor the lesson. While parents attending in-person lessons can feel a bit awkward depending on the student's age, attending online lessons feels much more lax. Parents guiding lessons is extremely helpful for young learners and neurodivergent learners.

Pro: Instruments and Consistency

Traveling to your lesson teacher when taking piano lessons often means you’re student is going to be playing on an instrument that isn’t their own. This can make students nervous, and lead them to make mistakes that they wouldn’t normally make. 

Every piano feels different, and a digital piano feels very different from a baby grand or upright. By being able to practice and perform on their home instrument, students will feel more comfortable. 


  • Pro: opportunities for more frequent student-teacher communication

  • Con: connection issues and sound quality may cause a slight inconvenience

While occasional fidelity issues may cause a periodic hiccup in online lessons largely, the technology works to the advantage of music students and their guardians. Students and teachers can share screens, do online performances aided by backing tracks, and check in frequently with online chats. 

Recording Lessons

Students can screen-record online lessons to get the most value out of them- Then you can watch them over and over with your student and glean new things. While recording lessons via video in person can be distracting and cumbersome- making it difficult to get the right angle- recording lessons online is as easy as hitting the screen record button.

Piano: Online Music Lessons For Homeschoolers

You might be surprised how well your student will do in online lessons. Online piano lessons are a great way to supplement the homeschool curriculum, and you can do it from the comfort of your living room. 

In conclusion, online music lessons are worth it for most students. While there are some small drawbacks (namely not being able to do duets) online lessons with a teacher your students love will always be better than lessons with a just-ok in-person teacher. 

Still trying to figure out if online piano lessons are right for your student?

Maestro Music is an online music academy specifically designed for homeschooled students. We will match students with top-notch instructors who will help pupils achieve their musical goals. All of our instructors are vetted professional musicians with a passion for helping the next generation of musicians.

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