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Do Online Music Lessons Work?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

If you are reading this it is most likely because you are contemplating taking online music lessons. So, in short the answer is an easy YES. Online music lessons do in-fact work very well. Keep reading to find out why!

1. Flexible scheduling/Time saving

Out of the 30 students signed up for online lessons, I asked 10 of them if they plan on continuing online lessons even after the pandemic. Out of the 10 they all answered with yes, with the biggest reason being the flexibility. They don't have to carve out over an hour of time to devote to a 30 minute music lesson. You do not have to deal with commutes, traffic, etc.

Another perk is that depending on your instructors policies, you are probably able to move the lesson time with ease. For my studio I ask for 24 hours notice. As long as it’s before that window it is super easy to reschedule our lesson to a time that is very convenient to you. A movie you want to see is during our lesson? Want to play go play bingo? No problem!

2. Effectiveness

Online lessons are extremely effective. My online students progress at a much higher rate than in-person. I think it’s due to the fact that you can practice before the lesson, and after the lesson since you are not driving anywhere. Another reason is that there isn’t any set-up time. You don’t have to take your guitar out of the case, tune it, and put it back. It seems insignificant, but after a year of lessons, it’s not impossible to think that it can add up to 2 hours of set up time. That’s money out of your pocket!

3. Cost

Due to online music lessons being easier, they are often less expensive. Overhead costs are lower for the teacher so therefore they can charge a bit less. Many in-person studios start at $40 per half hour. And unfortunately, you are not always getting what you pay for in this industry.

4. Lesson Archives

This is a really cool perk of online music lessons that is often overlooked. All of your material is archived. I send out documents via google drive, and my students have a record of everything they have ever been sent. So it is not difficult for them to review material if they choose to do so.

To take it a step further, you can also record your lesson. Many of my more serious students do this and will reference difficult topics later in the week while they practice.

If you are interested in trying out music lessons with Maestro Music - please send us an email at: and we will get you set up with a time and a teacher!

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