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Best Guitars For Beginners

Starting out guitar as a beginner can be quite a daunting task. But fear not! This article is here to help you succeed in finding the right guitar for you!

As a guitarist I am well versed in what instruments work and do not work, and more importantly what models/brands to stay away from.

How did we choose?

We chose these models based on several factors:





All of which are extremely important to consider when buying a guitar.

Remember when you are starting out it is not so much about having a guitar that will last a lifetime, it is more about finding out whether or not you enjoy it! When you reach certain milestones it is time to find an intermediate guitar.

Yamaha F335

Best acoustic guitar for beginners


This beautiful guitar is perfect for all your guitar needs! It has a wonderful

Rosewood fretboard, and nice spruce body that comes in a sleek black.

Even if you don’t play it, it’ll look great in any room!

This guitar is perfect for starting out with. Great price, great tone, great looks. What more can you ask for?

Cordoba C1M

Best Classical Guitar For Beginners


Beginner classical guitars are an even tougher world to navigate. Lots of folks like to start with these because the nylon strings are so much easier on your fingers, but at the end of the day you need something that is playable! Many classical guitars have high actions, bad tones, and cheap quality.

However, this is an exception. You get so much bang for your buck with this Cordoba C1M. It is a lovely spruce top, mahogany back and slim neck makes for a wonderful tonal pallet and playing experience.

Out of any classical guitar I have seen in this range, this is by far the best. I can not recommend this one enough!

Fender Squire

Best Electric Guitar For Beginners


Fender Squires are the ultimate go-to starting guitar. I think every legendary guitarist has started on one of these. They look great, sound pretty good, and are ridiculously affordable. If this is a direction you are looking to go in, then look no further. This is the one!