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Benefits of adding Music Education to your Homeschool Curriculum

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything” -Plato

Are you looking to add something fun but educational to your homeschool curriculum? 

Consider adding music education!

Here’s how young learners can benefit from this creative outlet…

Music Makes Other Lessons More Engaging

When I was in the process of receiving my degree in instrumental music education, what never ceased to amaze me was how many subjects are connected together through music

As musicians play new pieces, they learn about history, religion, and cultural practices from across the world. If one looks deeply into sound waves and pitch, one can learn about math and physics. If they read mythology, they can learn stories about how cultures believe different instruments came to be (such as Athena and the flute). 

Math and Science

  • Music can be used to teach the idea of sonic wavelengths

  • Wind instruments are a prime example of how condensation works

  • Circle of fifths, intervals, and chord progressions are all related to math.

History and Art 

  • Music/art and history are intertwined 

  • The art of an era reflects events

Musical eras tend to change around the time of historical eras. Music and art had a similar cohesiveness in the Baroque era. The creative ideas made in a certain time period often reflect what was happening in history. Like in the 1960s, as social constructs began to break down and be reinvented, music became more wild and free-sounding. 

Integrating music into other studies of homeschool curriculum can make lessons more fun- and memorable.

Music Teaches Technology

Continuing to the topic of music helping teach other subjects- music lessons tend to teach technology simultaneously

Students who take music lessons are often required to write music in a digital notation program, learn how to write a beat in a DAW (digital audio workstation), or learn how to hook up a MIDI instrument. Inherently, music in 2024 tends to teach technology. 

So next time you’re making a STEM lesson, consider making it a STEAM lesson and integrating a bit of music tech into the mix.

Music is Social and Collaborative

Have you ever heard the phrase “Music is a universal language”? Music lessons have the power to strengthen social bonds

Adding music lessons inside of a homeschooler curriculum is a great way to socialize young students. Many parents worry that homeschooling will affect their student's interpersonal skills. Taking music lessons is a great way to combat this, as learning music has been proven to boost self-esteem and empathy.

And when students make music with a teacher? They are also bonding.

Online Collaborations 

Thanks to the internet, homeschooled students can collaborate on music. After your pupil gets a bit of experience, they can hop online and make music with someone new. This not only gets the creative juices flowing but also promotes teamwork and a sense of community for students.

A Confidence Builder, Self Care

Taking music lessons releases feel-good chemicals in the brain, resulting in increased confidence. 

Music lessons on an instrument of a student's choice can also pupils a sense that they’re doing something in their wheelhouse, that’s just for them. 

I know that when I play my instrument, it feels a lot like self-care. The same goes for students. Practicing an instrument can be extremely grounding when one is upset or overwhelmed. 

Online Music Lessons Enhance Learning

According to some studies, music helps to strengthen the verbal centers of the brain and also improves something called executive function- which is related to coordination, decision-making, and even self-control. 

Many parents notice an academic improvement in students after they begin taking online music lessons. 

Gross Motor Movement

For some instruments like the drums and piano, students must perform large movements to play the instrument. These are called gross motor movements, and they have been shown to release endorphins- which results in better memory and learning. 

Music Boosts Moods

Even intentional listening has been shown to improve the moods and behaviors of people. In one documentary, a man had a filmmaker follow a group of people who had felt they lost their connections to themselves and others- and the more music there was, the happier the people in the film were (Alive Inside).

It Provides a Productive, Educational Break 

Music is pleasurable and educational, making it a great brain break. Scheduling an online music lesson in the middle of your student's day can be a great way to get them to come up relaxed, focused, and ready to learn core subjects like English or math. Music lessons for homeschoolers can provide a creative outlet and stress relief due to the release of dopamine. 

Music Hones Discipline

Even though music lessons foster creativity, they also require much discipline. Learning scales or complex polyrhythms means having to focus on difficult tasks over and over again. Students must practice each week, and come back to their lesson prepared: this means they learn to be accountable

Music lessons can be a young learner's first brush with responsibility! 

Music and Homeschool Curriculum

If you’re looking for a stress-free way to integrate music into your student learning, consider taking online lessons with us at Maestro. Online music lessons mean that you can get instruction from the comfort of your own home, and move at the pace your student is comfortable with. 

In conclusion, there are many benefits of adding music education to your homeschool curriculum, including:

  • Stress relief and a confidence boost for students

  • Better student focus during core lessons

  • Pupils receive a collaborative and social/creative experience

  • More seamless integration between subjects 

Supplement your homeschooler’s education today with music lessons. You can even take a trial lesson for free to see if you like it before you commit! 

Maestro Music is an online music academy specifically designed for homeschooled students. We will match students with top-notch instructors who will help pupils achieve their musical goals. All of our instructors are vetted professional musicians with a passion for helping the next generation of musicians.

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