Delos Erickson

Instructor of: Piano & Bass


Delos began his musical journey from a very early age. Growing in a musical family, he was always around music. His love of music led him to many instruments; bass, guitar, euphonium, etc. But his main love for piano developed at the age of 5, and began what is already a 15 year path to playing the piano, and composing. Focusing mainly in jazz, he has grown into himself as a musician, and still strives to get better, more creative, and diverse every day. 



Teaching Philosophy

Delos hopes to provide an array of ideas, tools, and inspiration to succeed in their goals with lessons, and music. From fundamentals, proper technique, creating, theory, and composing/arranging. Knowing from experience, Delos will strive to provide a personal and unique lesson, driving towards the students personal goals, endeavors, and strategies for success!