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Maestro Music Lessons is an online music academy that primarily serves students seeking non-traditional education.


Maestro Music Lessons was established in 2020 in response to alternative schooling demand during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Maestro provides a flexible learning environment for students of all ages to progress at their own pace, and from their own homes. Over time, the company has evolved from working exclusively with homeschooling families to contracting as a music lesson vendor for charter schools across the West Coast.

Maestro is valued by students and families for addressing:

-Lack of in-person lesson opportunities for desired instruments

-Alternative lifestyles, including frequent relocation

-Barriers to travel to/from in-person lessons

Why Maestro?


Unlike other teacher-contracted educational platforms, Maestro Music Lessons instructors are rigorously interviewed, thoroughly vetted and background checked.

We exclusively contract teachers that have at least an undergraduate degree in music, though many of our teachers have Doctorates in Musical Arts, Performance, and Education. Additionally, our professional music teachers must be able to demonstrate superior teaching skills that are tested through mock lesson interviews and student surveys.


Maestro Teachers understand the impact they have on their students. We bring on teachers that can adapt to all learning styles, while emphasizing a fun, rewarding learning environment that encourages lifelong curiosity and self-expression.


Teachers provide fundamental music theory education, while enabling students to focus on music styles and songs that appeal to them. Games are commonly used in lessons to make difficult-to-grasp concepts more engaging and enjoyable. Music recitals are held twice per year to promote confidence and create a community environment.


Our approach goes beyond traditional music lesson environments. It is all too common for students to abandon musical arts all together after experiencing overly demanding, harsh, or rigid structure in lessons. We believe in stoking the flame of artistic expression, rather than smoldering it.


In summary:

-Maestro Music Lessons hires professionally-educated music teachers that are trustworthy and passionate educators.

-Our lessons encourage personal growth, perseverance, and confidence in our students that extends well beyond our time together.


Who are you? 


Hi, I'm Noah Tretter! I hold two music degrees (A.A. Digital Audio & B.S. Music), and I have been a private music teacher for 6 years. Outside of teaching, I'm a 234th Army Band member, a touring musician, an outdoorsman, and a long-distance runner.


I launched my first private music studio, Tretter Studios, in 2019 and from there I discovered my inner entrepreneur. I am the sole marketer, copywriter, administrator, and teacher for Tretter Studios, where I've instructed over 80 students, many of which I've been instructing for two or more years!


As the COVID-19 Pandemic took hold, I recognized a significant gap in the online music lesson market, and created Maestro Music Lessons to fulfill the need. What started as a business to provide music education during uncertain times has become a reliable and convenient way for students across the country to access quality music lessons on a wide array of instruments.

Noah Tretter


"Music is a funny thing when you really come to think about it."

– Miles Davis.

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