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About Us

“A mediocre music teacher tells. A good music teacher explains. A superior music teacher demonstrates. A great music teacher inspires.” –William Arthur Ward

Oftentimes, music lessons are drab –taught right out of a book– putting a stop to artistic expression before it’s even allowed to blossom. 


At Maestro, our students are partners in their exploration of the performing arts. We find that students who enjoy their lessons are eagar to practice, persistent through the inevitable frustrations, and inspired to continue with their instrument for years to come. 


We believe in stoking the flame of artistic expression, rather than smoldering it.

Our Story

Maestro opening in 2020, when founding music educator, Noah Tretter, became overwhelmed with new students at his small studio. He began reaching out to his network of music educators across the country, connecting them to students, and Maestro was born!


When Maestro first opened, Noah knew it wouldn’t be like other online music studios, which often sacrifice on quality. He has since interviewed hundreds of musicians, bringing on only teachers with superior knowledge, approachability, and genuine love for teaching above all else. 


Noah continually hears from families who are amazed by the caliber of instruction at Maestro. And many parents express their approval by enrolling their entire family in lessons, or coming back again and again to ask if their children can take extra lessons each week. 


We are privileged to pass the touch to the next generation of artists, thanks to you, our Maestros!


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